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Frequently Asked Questions About Emsculpt Procedures

Answers from One of Long Island’s Largest Emsculpt Providers

As one of the largest Emsculpt providers in the Long Island, NY area, Sculpt My Bod wants to educate prospective patients about what to expect from the Emsculpt procedure. Below, you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions our office receives from patients throughout Nassau and Suffolk County. Should you not see the answer to your specific question, we urge you to contact us and schedule a free consultation at our office in Mineola, NY. Sculpt My Bod is a non-surgery division of Island Plastic Surgery. Our Emsculpt provider is Dr. Pamela Gallagher, who is a board-certified physician with over 25 years of experience with body contouring procedures, as well as cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Read on to determine if Emsculpt is right for your specific body fat concerns!

What Is Emsculpt? What Should I Expect During Treatment?

Emsculpt is a non-invasive, non-surgical body contouring procedure to help men and women of all ages burn fat and build muscle. How the Emsculpt procedure works is simple. Using a device capable of transmitting high-intensity electromagnetic waves, Emsculpt stimulates hyper-active muscle contractions to target specific areas of muscle and fat. By stimulating a significant number of muscle contractions in a short timeframe, Emsculpt can help you get rid of stubborn love handles that normal exercise routines alone cannot. Emsculpt helps to increase your body’s fat metabolism and muscle tone, so you should see a firmer abdomen and buttocks in practically no time at all!

How Long Does Emsculpt Take? When Should I See Results?

Each Emsculpt treatment session typically takes about 45 minutes, and our office recommends four treatments in total. However, these treatment sessions should be scheduled apart. We do not suggest having multiple Emsculpt treatments within less than 2-3 days of each other. Individual results will vary, but many patients begin to see changes after the first session. More dramatically noticeable changes usually take at least 2-4 weeks after the last session, although changes in fat reduction, toning, and muscle definition will continue over time. Studies have shown an average 19% reduction in subcutaneous fat and a 16% increase in muscle mass from Emsculpt treatment. With an average 96% patient satisfaction rate, the Emsculpt procedure comes highly recommended.

What Specific Areas of the Body Does Emsculpt Treat?

Emsculpt treatment targets the fat and muscle in the abdomen, buttocks, and legs. If you’re someone who’s worried about having toned, six-pack abs or concerned about burning off some extra pregnancy weight, Emsculpt may be the non-invasive, non-surgical treatment for you. It has also been used to improve a post-pregnancy condition called diastasis recti, which is a separation of abdominal muscles.

Is Emsculpt Safe? Are There Any Treatment Side Effects?

Emsculpt is a safe, relatively painless procedure that may feel like an intense abdominal or gluteal workout afterward but without the work or sweat involved. Depending on your personal threshold for pain, Emsculpt may be a little uncomfortable at first. However, each subsequent session should feel less uncomfortable as you get used to the Emsculpt procedure. It’s important to give your muscles enough time to relax between treatments. That’s why we don’t recommend scheduling appointments too close to each other. You should also refrain from working out at the gym the day before and after an Emsculpt procedure. No downtime or recovery is necessary with Emsculpt, with most patients resuming their normal activities right away. Some patients even come in and schedule an Emsculpt treatment session on their lunch break!

What Is the Average Cost of an Emsculpt Procedure?

Emsculpt costs will vary by geographic location and Emsculpt provider. The average cost of Emsculpt ranges from $750 to $1,500 per treatment session. However, every patient at Sculpt My Bod is different. Treatment costs may also vary depending on the areas you need to be treated and how many treatments it will take to get you your desired results. Emsculpt treatment works best when the patient practices a healthy, active lifestyle to maintain the toned results. Depending on your personal goals and progress, follow-up treatments may be recommended. We recommend scheduling a consultation with our provider for more personalized treatment information.

Will My Insurance Cover the Costs of an Emsculpt Procedure?

Because many insurance providers view Emsculpt as an elective cosmetic procedure, it is not always covered by medical insurance plans. However, there may be third-party financing options available, so you can receive treatment without worrying about paying all of the treatment costs upfront.

How Do I Know If Emsculpt Is Right for Me?

Emsculpt treatment is suitable for men and women of all ages. While individual results may vary with Emsculpt, active, healthy adults in good shape looking to add more muscle definition to their abs, buttocks, or legs tend to see the best results. Always talk to your doctor to see if you’d make a good Emsculpt candidate. Sculpt My Bod offers free consultations to determine the appropriate course of treatment for our patients in Nassau and Suffolk County, NY. In addition to Emsculpt, our office also offers Cellfina and CoolSculpting for your consideration. Please reach out to us today to schedule your free one-on-one consultation with Dr. Pamela Gallagher to learn more about the benefits of Emsculpt!