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Sculpt My Bod Uses Emsculpt for Toning and Definition

Have you been diligently working hard to improve your body with strenuous workouts and hardcore dieting, but still have trouble areas? Reach out to Dr. Gallagher and her team of experts at Sculpt My Bod. We offer Emsculpt to help tackle those final pesky pounds and help you get definition in the most difficult places on your body. Dr. Gallagher has been helping those in search of a better body for over 25 years and brings this experience to every case. She and her team help with troubles areas such as your abdomen, arms, thighs, buttocks, and calves.

Emsculpt uses electromagnetic energy to constrict the trouble area muscles, helping to use them in ways you normally wouldn’t be able to in a workout regimen. It would be impossible to get the benefits in your Emsculpt areas with just diet and exercise alone. With our machine, your muscles do the equivalent of 20,000 sit ups in a half hour. Your muscles are forced to adapt to these numerous contractions and begin to build while also burning fat. Call today and let us help you attain the results you have been working hard to achieve. We will set you up with consultation where you can ask further questions about your Emsculpt areas and more about the process.

Emsculpt Target Areas: Where Sculpt My Bod Can Help!

If you have been exercising, you know there are some areas of the body which are nearly impossible to target. The loose skin and pounds just never seem to diminish no matter how hard you try. Sculpt My Bod uses the Emsculpt device for these areas of your body. If you have questions on where we can help with the Emsculpt machine, please let us know, and we can discuss how to assist further. Below is a list of some of those troublesome areas we can reach to give you the tone and definition of your desires:

Varying Results in Different Emsculpt Areas

After many different studies in the field, research has found that you should expect to see great results after four 30-minute sessions over two weeks. Most of Dr. Gallagher’s patients at Sculpt My Bod have benefited from 15 to 20 percent muscle growth and fat reduction in the Emsculpt area of their choosing. You will feel some results directly after your first session, but most require the recommended treatment period. After our consultation, we will also build a personalized program to reach your desired results. If you have been working out your entire life but have never been able to see your six pack, Emsculpt is the device to help you finally show it off in your new swimsuit! After using Emsculpt in these targeted areas, you will be motivated to keep up the hard work because you will finally start to see the results. There haven’t been any documented side effects from Emsculpt. The treatment has been FDA-approved to use throughout these different areas of the body and is one of the most effective, non-invasive treatments for fat-diminishing and muscle-toning results. Visit Sculpt My Bod today to get your body right!

How Long Do Results Last in the Emsculpt Areas?

After you finish remedying your Emsculpt area with treatments at Sculpt My Bod, how long the results last are totally up to you. If you wish to keep the tightened areas of your body and maintain your weight loss, you will have to continue to work at it. You have already put in the work to reach these body goal, why stop now? However, we can schedule you for further treatments as a form of maintenance for your Emsculpt areas. We can help keep these areas tighter and more muscular than ever with continued sessions of Emsculpt at Sculpt My Bod. We have been helping Nassau County and more get the body they deserve after their hard work and dedication.

Call Sculpt My Bod in Nassau County for Help with Emsculpt

Dr. Gallagher and her team at Sculpt My Bod are waiting to set you up with a consultation today! Call or visit our office to get a personalized plan for the targeted Emsculpt areas giving you trouble. We know weight loss and diet management is difficult to maintain. Give yourself the payoff you deserve by allowing us to help you improve trouble areas with Emsculpt’s ability to work your abdomen, arms, thighs, buttocks, and calves. For over 25 years, we’ve helped those in Nassau County and beyond who couldn’t help themselves lose those final pounds. Sometimes it is simply not possible to work certain parts of the body and a different diet won’t get your there either. Sculpt My Bod is here for you, though. Emsculpt is the solution to help you gain the confidence to wear your swimsuit again or buy that outfit you felt you couldn’t pull off in public.