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Emsculpt Treatment Area: Thighs

Emsculpt is now FDA approved for the use on your thighs and more areas outside of just your abdomen, love handles, and buttocks. Now you can get the legs you have been working so hard for with diet and exercise. Emsculpt thigh treatments help you target this area, giving you tone and definition because it is nearly impossible to commit your routine to them solely. With this non-invasive treatment, your muscles do the work of 20,000 squats in a 30-minute session.

For 25 years, we have been helping those in Nassau County and beyond achieve their best body through weight loss treatments and supplemental help. Dr. Gallagher and her team of professionals work tirelessly to find the most modern and effective ways to accomplish your goals. It can be defeating to work so hard and yet not be able to look in the mirror with the confidence your efforts should produce. Call today and let us help you regain your lost confidence and get you the body you desire after months of restrictive dieting and intense workouts. We create a personal care plan based on the goals you have for your body. Pull out your swimsuit this summer and rock the beach with no worries.

Should You Get Emsculpt Thigh Treatments?

While Emsculpt thigh treatments are for men and women alike, it doesn’t mean they are for everybody. There are individual requirements you will need to consider before we can sign you up for Emsculpt treatments at Sculpt My Bod. While it helps remove stubborn fat and build muscle, this is not a total weight loss treatment. You should be in somewhat good shape and on your way to creating a healthier lifestyle. This option is for those in the Norfolk County area looking to get definition in certain troublesome parts of the body where your efforts aren’t being rewarded.

What’s the Process Like?

When you are ready to start looking into Emsculpt thigh treatments to get rid of the unwanted weight around your legs, your journey begins with a single phone call to Sculpt My Bod in Nassau County. Our friendly office staff will schedule your initial consultation to discuss your goals. We then build out your Emsculpt routine in a personal care plan. Setting your schedule helps you understand how long it will take to get your desired results. The Emsculpt thigh treatments are just like working out, in the sense of you feeling and looking better right after the first 30-minute session. The other great thing about this solution is since it is a non-invasive procedure, you can get right back to work after you leave our office. The recommended session schedule for most results is four over a month. Dr. Gallagher suggests not going more than two or three days in between each session. Although the actual process only takes a half-hour, we do request you set aside 45-60 minutes from walking into the office to getting back in your car.

How Long Will My Results Last?

Weight loss, no matter how you achieve it, requires you continue to work hard to keep the desired results. So after receiving Emsculpt thigh treatments at Sculpt My Bod, you will need to stay in your healthy lifestyle to retain excellent shape in your legs. If you start to notice those trouble areas coming back, please give us a call. Our team can get you in for more sessions as a means of maintaining the initial results. Don’t worry though, because our experts will give you all the tips and tricks to help sustain the contour of your new thighs.

Call Sculpt My Bod for Emsculpt Thigh Treatments

Call Sculpt My Bod when you are tired of working out and dieting with nothing to show for it. Dr. Gallagher and her staff have researched the best ways to help get life-changing results you simply can’t obtain in a regular weightlifting routine. We will get you the definition and tone you deserve after working so hard. Our staff is also prepared to help you find new ways to workout at home to help maintain the results after utilizing the Emsculpt thigh treatment. Start making the change today and set up your consultation at Sculpt My Bod in Nassau County. Let us help you get the body you deserve.